Engineering Programme (AEP)

Ashbourne’s specialist university programmes offer structured support and guidance to students applying for particularly competitive and demanding university courses. They are designed to give students the best possible chance of gaining a place at a top UK university.

The Engineering Programme prepares students to make compelling and competitive UCAS applications to a wide range of engineering degree courses. Students will learn about the different streams of engineering and how they relate to each other, as well as exploring the changing role of the engineer in contemporary society. Students take part in a series of seminars and talks, group projects and field visits, as well as preparing for subject-specific admissions tests and, where applicable, interviews.

Medical School Programme (AMSP)

Ashbourne’s Medical School Programme has been helping prospective doctors, dentists and all students interested in medical-related courses for more than 30 years. Students are given support with their personal statements and interviews, as well as preparation for the BMAT and UCAT tests required by various medical schools. A successful medical application involves a wide range of extra-curricular activity and the Programme guides students towards relevant work experience. Finally, they are given essential insights and information through the seminars and talks from medical professionals and past students.

The Programme is led by Amy Youngman, Faculty Head of Natural Sciences and Head of Sixth Form. Amy has a degree in Neuroscience from King’s College London and direct experience interviewing Medical School applicants at UCL.

Finance Programme (AFP)

Ashbourne Finance Programme students will deepen their understanding of global economic issues and current affairs through regular group seminars, events, workshops and trips. We take advantage of London’s status as a financial hub and make field trips to Canary Wharf and the City, visiting the home of leading financial institutions. Students are offered valuable insights by professionals from the financial world, helping to shape their own career ambitions.

Students following the Programme are set real-life investment challenges where they have to put A level economic theories to the test. Students gain excellent experience in research, analysis and trading as well as the opportunity to practise their communication skills by pitching to a live panel. At budget time our programme leader hosts an event where the students can watch live coverage together so they can analyse and debate the chancellor’s proposals the following week.

As part of the Programme, each student receives individual, expert guidance in their UCAS application including choosing the right university degree course for them and any interview practice required.

Oxbridge Programme

The Oxbridge Programme provides students with a clear structure and comprehensive support for making a strong application to Oxford or Cambridge universities.

Applicants to Oxford and Cambridge need to achieve outstanding A level results but there are many other ways in which they must show suitability for these prestigious and demanding universities. The Programme covers all aspects of the Oxbridge application process, supporting students so that they can make sensible degree choices and engage in appropriate super-curricular activities before the formal application process begins. Participants will usually complete a 5000-word Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which helps to demonstrate their intellectual curiosity and ambition. They must also write a distinctive and pertinent personal statement. As well as supporting students in these tasks, the Programme prepares them for the pre-interview assessment tests and interviews.

The advice and support that Ashbourne offers its students has led to excellent results, with the University of Cambridge being one of our most popular university destinations in recent years.

The Programme is led by Will Stockland, who studied at the University of Oxford and has many years’ experience helping students gain places at Oxbridge.

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